Donation to women’s refuge

Virtual treasure hunt

This Christmas we didn’t manage a party, but we joined together to hold a virtual treasure hunt. After a frantic hour’s searching, the winners were Alwyn and Christine Richardson. They evidently know their household artefacts extremely well.

Crocus planting in progress

In early November a suitably distanced task force arrived at Cannon Hall to plant several thousand crocus bulbs. Were they the right way up? We’ll find out in spring…

Remembrance 2020

Remembrance events this year have been rather different. A small detachment of Rockley members laid a wreath at the Barnsley War Memorial, but in splendid isolation from the normal throng.

Children’s Art Exhibition


We were looking forward to our borough-wide art competition during the autumn. The contest was to be for primary school pupils throughout Barnsley, following last year’s successful model.

Unfortunately we were overtaken by events beyond our control and we will be concentrating our efforts in promoting an even bigger competition in 2021, judged again by Ashley Jackson.